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  • Evan Ryan

Our Mission

Our mission is simple.  Level the playing field.  

At Abundat, we partner with existing companies to commoditize industries or products where the net benefit of whatever we build can be felt by all of humanity.  It’s not as colloquial as “Think Different,” but it’s my North Star.  Everything we do starts here.

I firmly believe every problem, fundamentally, is either an issue of mindset or of economics.  Either someone or a group of people are limiting themselves in their thinking or a key product, services or process became too expensive to compete.  Either way, the business model is unsustainable, and in our world, sustainability comes from making the production cost per unit effectively free.

We concept, build, deploy and scale artificial intelligence-based products.  Sometimes it’s in mobile apps, in the cloud, or in web apps, but the commonality is that we remove the need for humans to do work that they were previously doing.

Our mission is not “Disrupt everything.”  I think the term “disruption” is overused. I understand what it means and that Uber did it to taxis, but that’s not our business.   In many cases, our clients got disrupted and are scaling the edge of their industry to either remain competitive or win the industry.

I like helping people who are facing real, serious challenges.  Challenges that haven’t been solved before or maybe haven’t even been attempted.  The solutions Abundat creates may not work, but at least we gave it a try.  If we fail, we fail publicly not because we want attention, but because we want the world to learn from our mistakes.  The problems still need solved and people still need served, but learn from us.

My name is Evan Ryan, I’m the Founder and CEO of Abundat where our mission is to level the playing field.  Feel free to connect with me on Pinterest and Instagram @youraiguy or by email at evan@abundat.com.


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