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  • Evan Ryan

Announcing Abundat Surge

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Abundat levels the playing field for brand growth

$14,000.00. That’s how much one of our partners spent on Facebook ads for her consumer products business. Her revenues decreased.

We spent $150.00 on an Instagram ad for a team member who has 15,000 followers. It bought her 18,000 impressions and 5 clicks.

Our partner spent $14,000 to get less money in the door. Our team member spent $150.00 for nothing.

We set out to find a better way to do web promotion to drive clicks. We wanted it for our companies!

At Abundat, we use AI to level the playing field. We use AI to lift up small companies, entrepreneurs, and those less fortunate. We talk problems like global poverty, global hunger, and print media economics.

And web marketing.

The problem with web marketing is that it’s too expensive to get clicks. Even then, a click is a click. Would we pay someone $1.00 to click to our website? Only if there are no better options.

At Abundat, we find problems that create exclusivity. Problems where more than half of the population is left behind. Programmatic ads are one of them.

For the record, we have nothing against Facebook or Instagram, but it takes $200,000 per day to make the ads profitable, and we aren’t willing to pay that. So, we turned to Pinterest and Google.

We think Pinterest is the next huge buying platform. Their users have purchasing power and the platform is built to click through to websites. It just makes sense.

What we do

We made Abundat Surge. Abundat Surge is way better than humans are at organically growing your brand.

Surge takes your brand and amplify its presence on Pinterest and Google. It connects with the largest people and boards in your space. Those connections build board notoriety. Like magic.

Pinterest measures in Monthly Viewers. These are people who view your content in a month. Followers don’t matter.

Surge builds your board to over 1 million monthly viewers in the first three months. That’s 1 million impressions per month. That, alone, would cost $10,000.00 on Facebook. Per month.

With that, we also begin to post content from your website. This is your custom content to drive clicks to your website and promote your products and sell more.

Then, clicks roll in.

Then, Google traffic doubles.

Then, Pinterest traffic doubles (again).

...and so on. We haven't found the limit, and one customer is getting upwards of 450 website clicks in a day.

We average 20-50 clicks per day for our customers. That’s 400-600 clicks per month, or an extra $1200-$1600.00 per month on Facebook. In one day, we registered 450 clicks for a customer.

It really works, and the clicks come from real people.

At Abundat, our mission is to level the playing field. If you’re looking to increase your website’s traffic and increase sales, Abundat Surge starts at $270.00 per month.

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