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  • Evan Ryan

Announcing Lede Ai - Giving Newsrooms Superpowers

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Richland Source and Abundat officially announce our partnership giving newsrooms superpowers.  Lede Ai.

There are a lot of problems with print media.  

Most importantly, the economics are terrible. Programmatic ads yield, if done perfectly, $6.00 per thousand clicks per webpage.  Not sustainable. Memberships are gaining traction but aren’t there yet. Because of these bad economics, you see opinion pieces, slant articles, and clickbait.  Outlets need the clicks.  I can assure you, they don't like doing it.  I don't like the media, and I know they don't like doing it.Cost of doing business - school board meetings and high school sports, for example, need covering, but they don’t return their investment.

At a cost of $125 per article (done by a freelancer, since a typical sports desk is one or two full-time journalists, and most coverage areas cover more than 2 games on a Friday) about the local high school football game, the article needs to garner almost 21,000 clicks to break even on payroll.On top of that, I haven’t met many journalists excited about donating their Friday night to cover the football game. Some do, but many don’t.  They do it because it’s part of the job.

The same goes for 3-4 hour school board meetings on Wednesday nights.

Limiting to high school sports, which have a huge economics problem in programmatic ads, a cost of doing business that’s way too high, and (sometimes) a lack of enthusiasm towards even covering the games means we need a different solution.

What if you could make the economics so strong that an article is profitable off one click and you didn’t need a reporter to be there? What if you could do all this AND expand your coverage area from 2-5 games (which costs up to $600/week) to 300 games costing $3.00?

That’s exactly what Lede AI has done.

We give newsrooms superpowers.

With Lede AI, and in partnership with Scorestream, as soon as a game is finished, we write and publish a story.

And readers love them.

Some stories have gotten upwards of 4,000 clicks, so an article written by an AI was so compelling that 4,000 people came to read it, and they had no idea it was written by an AI.

Our mission is to give newsrooms superpowers. With it, we can turn their cost of doing business into a profit stream, and they can focus their journalists on what journalists do best; engage with the community. So far, we’ve published just over 30,000 articles with Lede AI.  They’ve received 1,000,000 clicks. We’ve published, in closed beta, for 7 newspapers across the country.  We’ve done no marketing, no promotion, and told nobody that the content was written by an AI.

Not a single person in any of the markets has guessed otherwise.

The future of journalism is solutions-based. Journalism where problems are identified, solutions proposed and people come together to create the world they want to live in.

The future of update-based news? Lede AI.



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